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Choosing a domain name for your business website.

When the decision is reached to create a website for your business the first step will be to decide where the site will "live". This is the domain name, or web address of the site. Sometimes choosing the wrong domain name can be a problem because a particular name may not be available. Doing some thinking about this name may result in advatages to your site and the traffic your site will see.

Generally speaking most business owners decide to register a domain name that is the same as the company name. This may not always be the best idea. Sometimes a company name may be confusing, or include numbers and letters which could negatively impact your site.


For example let's say your business name is John Swigart Auto Repair, LLC and it's located in Altoona, PA. Registering may seem like a fine idea, and it may be for purposes of protection, but is that really the best domain name to look at for your website?

Thinking in terms of the "keywords" that you would use and potential print and radio advertising, would, or serve your company site more effectively? Another consideration that many business owners forget is how the domain name will impact email addresses. Remember that the longer your domain name, the longer your email address!

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