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What is web hosting?

Many business owners ask this question, or simply don't even ask because they don't have the first idea what they need to get their business on the internet. Since more customers are now, and will continue to use the internet to find products and services it is essential that business owners understand how websites work. When you decide its time to create a website for your business you will have several things to consider. Web hosting is one of those things and here's a simple explanation of what it will provide.


Web hosting is a service that makes your web content available to the internet browsing public.

The best way to understand is to think in terms of files on your computer. In order to open a word document you must find that file in your computer and open it. Web hosting is providing the storage location for all of the files that open as your website. This hosting is connected to the internet and results in persons being able to locate and open your files. This is a bit simplistic, but it is essentially what web hosting does.

Your domain is where the files are.

Web hosting is configured to your chosen domain name, for example mybusiness.com. This results in requests for files at that location becoming your website. All of the content you add to a given website is really files and images retained on the server provided by your web host.

Hosting services can also provide email addresses based on your domain.

One other feature that is important about web hosting is that it generally provides you with email services. Many business owners don't understand that when they purchase a domain and hosting they can also usually get email service included with that hosting resulting in email formated like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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