Keyword research and development

Simply building a new website is not enough! Think of the keywords that people may use to find your business. 

CMS allows businesses flexibility

Joomla! and other CMS websites provide you with a site you can modify at your convienience. Many updates and changes  no longer require additional service fees!

Complete web services and SEO

We also provide SEO and site analytics. Learn more about what your site is doing for you and how you can improve those results.

Business Web Designs

Professional and affordable web designs for business.

Rabideagle Enterprises specializes in providing custom web designs for business. We will work with you to create a website for your business that not only features your products and services, but also takes into consideration the appropriate keywords and content for proper search engine results.


Search Engine Optimization is key to providing new customers.

Using the latest techniques in development of your content and placing the proper meta information is essential for making your new web design. Many business owners find that older websites are not showing any return on their investment and are hestitant to upgrade the websites. In order for your website to result in customers it must appear during searches relevant to your products and services. Outdated flash and html site which offer limited content and no meta information simply won't rank in search results. We use CMS, or content management systems, which provide a user friendly interface for your site. Using CMS will also allow you to make many of the small updates and changes to your site which have traditionally been an added expense for business owners.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. Here is how Wikipedia explains what that means.

A web content management system (WCMS or Web CMS) is a content management system (CMS) software, usually implemented as a Web application, for creating and managing HTML content. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images). A CMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and many essential Web maintenance functions.


Our preferred Content Management System. Joomla! provides a vast number of extensions and features which allow great flexibility in web site development. Joomla! also provides thousands of available templates and great security and support.


Currently the most popular Content Management System. Used in many installations for blog style sites, Wordpress also offers many extensions for website development. Very user friendly and provides many support options.


Another Content Management System providing flexibility in web design. Established support community and fairly popular amoung web developers.

Standard HTML

Standard HTML sites are rarely requested due to extended time and costs. Conversion from standard HTML to a CMS website provides greater ability for site management by the customer.

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