Adding a PDF link inside a Joomla article

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Inserting, or adding a link to a PDF document that opens in another window from an article on your Joomla website is very simple. There is no need to upload the document via ftp, or pay a developer to add it for you. Simply follow these steps to link your PDF document inside an article.

1. Create new article (or navigate to the existing article in which you wish to insert PDF)

2. Use the editor to select the text which will "anchor" your PDF document (image 001)


3. Click on the "insert link" button on your editor  (image 001-1)


4. Instead of typing a hyperlink, as you would to add an external llink, click the insert file button on the link dialogue box. (image 002)


5. Choose from a file already on the server, or upload your new file/PDF (image 003)


Continue just as you would for the normal adding of an image to an article. Browse to its location on your computer, select upload and when it's done select it from the center list of files available on the server. You can then choose from options to open the PDF on the parent page or in a new window just as if linking to an external site.