Joomla is a complete content management system which allows for hundreds of different options and components. When we provide our clients with a Joomla based website we always help the clients understand the basic functions of Joomla. We provide tutorial sessions with each new site and also have a growing Joomla Tutorials section on-line for basic website functions.

Our instructions, however, cannot extend to all areas of the templates, design, modules and components. This experience is something that requires more than basic understanding and we cannot "teach" it simply.

When you choose Rabideagle Enterprises as your website provider you will be provided with absolute control of the site and hosting, along with a working knowledge of the simple and most common needed changes for your site. Having absolute control of the Joomla site does not mean that you will know what to do with that access. Changing styles, fonts, colors and positions or adding pages, menus, modules and components to your Joomla site are all options which are available to our clients, but items which they must be prepared to learn how to do if they are not familier with Joomla.

Our clients are welcome to learn how to do all that Joomla offers for themselves, or retain our services for additional changes to the sites at our current rates.

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