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Rabideagle Enterprises has helped many Altoona and Hollidaysburg business owners transform their existing websites into new web designs. We have also worked with business owners to create their initial business web design for business startups and those that had not yet established websites for their business. Most of our new web designs feature content management systems and provide ease of use and much better search optimized websites.

While we have provided standard html site modifications and upgrades, the vast majority of new websites are built using a content management platform. These CMS websites allow our Altoona and Hollidaysburg business owners the ability to manage their own internet presence without paying the additional fees that would be required with each change to html style web designs.

As a part of our web design packages, our staff works with your business to quickly train you to make changes and add content to your own website, eliminating your dependancy on web designers to make even the smallest changes to your site. Should you not have time or inclination to make these changes we will also work with you to provide updates and additions to your sites at your request.

Our web design portfolio for Altoona and Hollidaysburg includes websites for lawyers, retail stores, rental companies, fire departments and government agencies. Each site offers a unique and custom layout designed for these Altoona and Hollidaysburg businesses. These sites offer integration of social media, contact forms and even event calendars to allow businesses the ability to interact with customers and visitors to their sites. Inclusion of mailing list harvesting resources have also been incoporated to many of these sites and we have provided the needed instructions to manage mailing lists and create professional emailings for continued contact with potential buyers.

Domain specific email and hosting services are also provided to most of these local business owners by Rabideagle Enterprises, LLC. Our hosting packages offer complete and worry free hosting as well as hosting support. Creating domain specific email accounts for business provide a better ability to market these business sites and add a look of professionalism when employee emails come from instead of a generic yahoo, or gmail account. Rabideagle Enterprises includes email setup in all of our web design with hosting packages!

If you are a Hollidaysburg or Altoona business owner looking for a way to increase your traffic, update an old outdated website, or begin creation of your first business web design, contact us today. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your business website needs.

More than 15 web designs for business owners in Hollidaysburg and Altoona have now been added to our web design portfolio with many more in surrounding areas. 


Our Web Design Customers

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Website Design Only and/or Website Modification Customers:


Web design demos

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We have a number of sites that we have built in advance for different uses and categories that we show to potential customers.


Car Lot Demo website design.

This site features easy to use listings for car lots. It includes things like latest listings, random listings, browse inventory and a full functioning search feature that allows specific criteria searches of your car lot inventory. Moving images of vehicles may be added in different module positions to draw attention to certain listings and much more. 
View car lot demo site.


Website Portfolio

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Portfolio of customer websites powered by -Rabideagle Enterprises, LLC.

Web design clients in Altoona PA area.

The following images are sites that we have created for businesses in the Altoona PA area. These sites feature Joomla! CMS and licensed templates with a wide variety of custom extensions. We provided the structure and showed these businesses how to maintain their own daily operations!

Web design clients in State College PA area.

These images represent web designs completed for businesses in State College PA. These web designs were also attained using Joomla! CMS and resulted in easy to manage web sites that have been used to increase search engine rankings.

Web designs for out of state clients!

We provide services to much more than just our local region. We have also completed web designs for businesses in Illinois, Florida and Delaware.


Business Web Designs

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Professional and affordable web designs for business.

Rabideagle Enterprises specializes in providing custom web designs for business. We will work with you to create a website for your business that not only features your products and services, but also takes into consideration the appropriate keywords and content for proper search engine results.


Search Engine Optimization is key to providing new customers.

Using the latest techniques in development of your content and placing the proper meta information is essential for making your new web design. Many business owners find that older websites are not showing any return on their investment and are hestitant to upgrade the websites. In order for your website to result in customers it must appear during searches relevant to your products and services. Outdated flash and html site which offer limited content and no meta information simply won't rank in search results. We use CMS, or content management systems, which provide a user friendly interface for your site. Using CMS will also allow you to make many of the small updates and changes to your site which have traditionally been an added expense for business owners.